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How to order

Every piece is custom made to order. 

Crafting time: Dino Seats, 2-4 days. Other items, 4-15 days. 

Delivery:      Dino-Seats: 1 week average.

                        Please allow 2-4 weeks for the larger items.

                      Add $30 USD for shipping the totseats.

                      Contact me for shipping costs on other items.

​                      Rush time available if possible. 

Contact me with your preference to change color, personalize, alter the size or 

​follow a picture. You will always get a confirmation design to approve before construction.

Choose your pieces, and within a few days, I will personally build them for you.

They can be customized as you wish,  personalized with a name,  painted with different colors…..

Prices as follow:

$230 USD        $230 USD      $250 USD       $230 USD      $420 USD      $230 USD       $350 USD      $200 USD

$230 USD     $550 USD      $800 USD      $500 USD     $50 USD         $45 USD       $450 USD     $1000 USD