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Welcome to seats for tots 

Where you can find special pieces for you, and you children, for your house and your personal world.

How Tot Seats Began:
When my own children became fascinated with dinosaurs, I designed a few dino-seats
and built them just for fun. 
The next thing I knew, all their friends were begging for them. And pretty soon…….the
friends of their friends….. 
Many of the pieces I've done were inspired by all the children I made them for. 
And the've been well tested by them through the years. 
Eventually, demand was so great that Tot Seats was born.

About the Wood & Craft

This is Wood as natural as it comes from the forest to your hands. 

Natural and untreated with anything harmful.

The wood is Spruce/White Pine or Yellow Pine/Douglas Fir,common in your local Lumberyard, and is handled by me with the least amount of energy consumption.


The Natural Wood Pine is coated with "Block Oil", an oil extracted from seeds. Itpenetrates, conditions and seals all natural wood surfaces, and  keeps the wood from cracking, drying, or absorbing food odors.  This is the oil we use to preserve our wood cutting boards. A mix of linseed oil and turpentine (50/50) is another great  option.

The plywood dinosaurs are painted with non toxic acrylic base paints used by most children for finger-painting or arts in general. Expect some darkening of the wood with time, due to natural oxidation.

This Furniture is done with just a few cuts, sanding, glueing and attaching small screws necessary to make it sturdy for children use. No formaldehides or lead paint.  

There is no sharp points or unsafe corners for a child.

It's labor made with love, and a unique Art-Piece as no one are exactly the same.


All done by Hand. A hand that made all the same furniture for his own children. Well tested by them.

It could be customized for you as you wish, changing colors or personalized with a name.

Other Items for children includes beds, tables, benches, rocking(horse)dinosaur, cribs(bassinets), changing tables and anything you could need for your children's room. 

Wood furniture for children: including beds, tables, benches, rocking(horse)dinosaur, 

dino-chairs, cribs( bassinets), changing tables and anything you need for your child's room. 

Remember, this world thinks little of children, and everything is grown-up size!